Crisis Leadership Script writing for videos

It is far easier to be yourself than it is to take on a persona you think others want to see. Crisis leaders can spend less time worrying about external perceptions and more time focused on their jobs and their communication goals.

How are you at Crisis Leadership?


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Shane Bowen
Shane Bowen Mentor

Shane Micheal Kenneth Bowen is head of Digital Media Production Manager for Genius Group (Entrepreneur Resorts).

Shane has reinvented himself many times using the “Ganesha” method of cutting the head off and making something new. From having a trade degree in Glazing, a certification in Horticulture as well as  Administration IT  he has followed his heart becoming a published author and poet who is now living his passion for videography that conveys the essence of visible leaders. 

Choosing to submerge himself in the Personal Development industry for over 10 years and after collaborating with many amazing Authors, Futurists and Mentors Shane is now able to rapidly capture and communicate the message of the founders.

Being based in Bali Shane is extremely grateful for the many doors that have opened due his unique ability to connect and share your personal brand or company spirit so your uniqueness and presence will be immortalised for future generations.

Shane embodies his favourite quote: I make my mood uplifting and peaceful, then watch the world around me reflect that mood