This Microdegree empowers women around the world to live a new way of life. One in which they believe in themselves and their talents, in which they can be authentically themselves, express what they need and desire while leaving their victimhood behind. It is a Microdegree from women for women and is packed with wisdom of personal experience. But be warned: this is only for women who want to ignite their female qualities and enter a new phase of their life

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Ingrid Vercammen
Ingrid Vercammen
New Zealand


Microdegree Outcomes
  • You will believe in the strong, talented and unique women that you are
  • You will understand and stand up for your personal values and stop settling for less
  • You will step into your feminine powers and inspire other women to follow
  • You will free yourself from gender conditioning and live the life you choose
Your Microdegree Mentor
Ingrid Vercammen
Ingrid Vercammen Mentor

Ingrid Vercammen is a an entrepreneur and a teacher, living in New Zealand. She has founded “Women Beyond Ordinary”, a Not for Profit Organization where women can learn how to step into their full potential. She is highly passionate and motivated to change the lives of many women, just as she has changed her own. Over 18 years she lived an unfulfilled life without knowing it. Her marriage was unsatisfying and her career didn’t meet any of her needs. She was working in her husband’s company where she managed the entire operation, but sadly never received the recognition that she would have deserved. Over time she started realizing that she didn’t live the life she had wanted for herself - and began questioning what she actually wanted in her life. This Microdegree tells her story and gives the first insights into her knowledge that she is willing to share so courageously and vulnerably - just like any fearless leader would do