I was once told that “Learning” is “Earning” with the “L” plates on.

So, lets do some learning to help with the earning.  What we’ve built is some courses, that build on each other, to show you as practically as possible how you can use the data you are provided by your accountant each year in the Financial Statement to optimize your business.

The goal is to help you learn tools and techniques to keep more of the cash that flows through your business each month in your bank account rather than your customer’s or your supplier’s.

Revenue is Vanity. Profit is Sanity. Cash is Reality.

Lets get to it!

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Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge
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Microdegree Outcomes

Welcome to the Build Your CFO Dashboard course.

Together, we will cover:

  • How to build the CFO dashboard with easy to use (free) tools
  • The Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Profit and Loss statements in action
  • How to discover actionable, understandable insights in the numbers
  • Where you can apply the concepts of the book to unlock cash and investability, etc
Your Microdegree Mentor
Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mentor

- Experienced business owner who has scaled businesses to >200 staff, $40M+

- Educating businesses to unlock value in their balance sheet

- Educating business owners to get "on" not "in" their business

- Accredited company director (Graduate AICD Australia)

- Certified Advisor and Board Chair (Advisory Board Centre Australia)

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