Medittion mastery is an introduction to meditation and how you can use meditation to improve health, feel more in control emotionally and enhance neuroplasticity. Meditation has numerous psychological and physical benefits which can improve mental health, reduce stress and has beneficial effects on heart ratee variability and heart health.

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Lance Wantenaar
Lance Wantenaar
United Kingdom


Microdegree Outcomes

Welcome to the meditation mastery microdegree. Learn some easy to follow steps which is an introduction to meditation and the benefits it has physically and psychologically. The introduction will give you a brief idea how meditation allows for enhancing neuroplasticity and changing how you think and feel and the improvements it can make in reducing stress and feeling more in control. Meditation can be as short as 5 minutes and various methods can be used to activate a meditative state. It doesnt require sitting for extended periods of time. It does require some basic skills which can be learned quickly and easily.

Your Microdegree Mentor
Lance Wantenaar
Lance Wantenaar Mentor

I am a long time meditation practioner and have combined all my research into meditation, breathing and brain wave understanding. Connect these with how physiology and psychology interacts. I interview a wide range of psychologists, neuroscientists and mentors which allows me to expand my knowledge and improve my own meditation skill.

I have tested extensive breathing and meditation methods to allow me to consistently get into the zen meditative state. Meditation and breathing are intrinsicaly linked and learning how to control breathing has allowed me to get long term benefits of meditation.

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