This Microdegree will give a simple 6 Step Colour Zone Selling System to take you and your sales results from where they are to scale and leverage your business cashflow.

Every Entrepreneur needs to know how to Sell.

You need to know how to take your product or service, and convert that into cashflow.

If you are to grow your business, you then need to train others to sell your products and services for you.

If you can't sell, you starve.

This Colour Zone Sales system has helped thousands of people worldwide generate over $150 million.

It takes my 30 years of helping people in business around the world and puts the tools into your hands so you can SELL, SERVE and PROSPER.



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Microdegree Outcomes
  • Learn how to sell your product or service
  • Find out why you are missing out on sales and what to do about it
  • Follow a simple step by step process
  • Know how to start any sales situation
  • Discover the critical questions to ask
  • Know the order, sequence and system to any sales situation
  • Know how and when to close to get the business
  • Know how to train others to sell your product or service
  • .. and much more

For the past 30 years Leigh Farnell has worked in the trenches of Australasian business, coaching Management and Sales Teams in some of Australia’s largest and smallest corporations. 

He has consistently succeeded in helping over 300 businesses adding an estimated $150,000,000 to his client’s bottom lines.

Leigh has a Degree in Human Performance from Melbourne University and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Western Australia.

Leigh combines his unique background in Sports Science and Human Performance with his 30 year’s experience in Sales, Leadership, Marketing and Innovation Coaching to create fantastic performance breakthrough’s for his clients.