A Microschool for professionals who are new to remote work to create a lucrative, freedom-based lifestyle doing work that they love from anywhere. 


Over the 5 days, you'll be taking actions towards creating your ideal remote-work life, doing what you love from anywhere. 


Day 1 Your Mission & Values - What do you want to do? & Your Community - Who do you want to serve? 


Day 2 How to have value-driven conversations & research ideal roles 


Day 3 Your Toolkit - setting you up for success & Your Vision & Plan - where you are going next 


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Kat Hamilton
Kat Hamilton
United States


Microdegree Outcomes

Welcome to the Remote Work Startup Microschool! I'm so excited that you're taking steps towards your freedom-based life.

Remote work isn't just about working from home or while traveling - it's about having the skillset that allows you to create a job for yourself wherever you are, at any time.

Through the next 5 days, we're going to be creating a structure, toolkit, and plan for you to step into your future of remote work and create a lucrative, freedom-based lifestyle where you can do what you love. 


Here's the plan - 

Day 1, we'll cover Your Mission & Values - What do you want to do? & Your Community - Who do you want to serve? 

Day 2, You'll learn How to have value driven conversations & research for jobs and partnerships

Day 3 You'll build Your Toolkit - setting you up for success & Craft Your Vision & Plan - where are you going next 


Your Microdegree Mentor
Kat Hamilton
Kat Hamilton Mentor

Kathleen Hamilton is the Head of Product for GeniusU, a global ed-tech platform making entrepreneur education available and revolutionizing the education industry. 

At 24, Kathleen is on the board of the million dollar education company Genius Group - the number 1 entrepreneur education company in the world. 

As one of the very first alumni of the Green School in Bali, Kathleen’s mission has always been in education reform. Through working with young students at the school and Super Camp she saw quickly how education outside fo the norm could transform society.  In 2010 she founded and ran a 2 day transformational education event in Australia called In-Compass Youth for teenagers, sponsored by the Abundance Group. 

In 2017 Kathleen ran a 6 month intensive with at-risk middle school students in Southern Oregon focused on cultural empowerment, which culminated in a mural project and presentation by the students at the school. 

Now Kathleen runs her remote teams at GeniusU from around the world, and in her own time is involved with school projects through Genius School and the Tau Foundation in Madikwe, South Africa, bringing entrepreneur education to students. 

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Degree Steps

Day 1: Getting Started
Day 2: Create a Job
Day 3: Success Plan
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