The Educator 5.0 Microschool is based on Genius Group's Educators strategies that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in just the past 3-6 months, attracting new hot prospects every week.

During the 4 weeks you will get to understand what it takes to really set up a $100,000 education or mentoring company using a proven formula that thousands of our consultants have successfully used over the years. You will access templates of plans that have generated hundreds of thousands in revenues in these past 3-6 months that you can adapt for your own personal promotion from our educators. You will be fully certified as a Flow Consultant and have a clear plan on how to monetise your brand new certification.


Microdegree Outcomes

Are you ready to set up your
education business to thrive?

This April we are launching our brand new 4 week Educator 5.0 Microschool for all trainers/educators/coaches/mentors/speakers and consultants

This four week Microschool will ensure you are set up to create or grow a $100,000 education business tapping into the billion dollar ed tech industry ensuring you have sustainable growth and predictable results

As trainers, mentors, consultants and educators, we are facing the greatest disruption of all of the markets.

The crisis has accelerated the revolution taking place in training and education. Over 1.5 billion children have been learning from home. Over 3 billion people have been in lockdown with no face-to-face meetings, workshops or conferences.

Education technology, remote mentoring and personalized learning have all been booming. Now that people are able to return to schools and offices, many are choosing not to. With this shift comes a huge opportunity for every teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, educator and speaker.

Did you know that the global training and education market will reach $10 trillion in size by 2030? It is the biggest industry in the world ready for disruption. As we go from industrial one-size-fits-all education and training to personalised mentorship and digital learning, there are simple ways for you to benefit from this disruption today.

And yet the Genius Group mentors and educators have pivoted really quickly to digital products that are generating $100k per year+, working with clients all over the world and all from the safety of their own homes!

Your Microdegree Mentor
michelle clarke
michelle clarke Mentor

Michelle was the former head of Leadership Development for Marks & Spencer, until 2005, when she started her own training company. Michelle has worked with Roger James Hamilton and the team, since 2007. In 2009 she set up Talent Dynamics, the corporate/team version of Wealth Dynamics which quickly grew to become a global business.

Michelle leads our Global Events team and has worked with 1000s of Entrepreneurs supporting the development of their customer pathway and partnership offerings. Sharing the successes not only from the Genius Group but her career of experience in Leadership and Training.

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