Educator 5.0

During the 4 weeks you will get to understand what it takes to really set up a $100,000 education or mentoring company using a proven formula that thousands of our consultants have successfully used over the years. You will access templates of plans that have generated hundreds of thousands in revenues in these past 3-6 months that you can adapt for your own personal promotion from our educators. You will be fully certified as a Flow Consultant and have a clear plan on how to monetise your brand new certification.


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Microdegree Outcomes

Week 1 - Generate a $100k Proven Plan and Pathway In week one you will set up the plan to generate $100k in the next 12 months. Learning from some of the top educators in our community who have each set up and run promotions generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 3-6 months. Each of these experts has a very specific niche in the education world, such as leadership, health, young people, property, digital marketing. You will get to understand the behind the scenes working of a successful educators plan and niche and how to really understand what your customer needs and wants right now to build high trust.


Week 2 - Flow Consultant Certification In week 2 you will commence your Flow Consultant live Certification. Learning about both Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics to use with your clients. You will learn how trust is linked to value and flow is linked to leverage and why the best companies in the world build thier businesses around a balance of the 2. You will get to set this into your own business plan whilst discovering how to help your clients understand it. We will also begin to get to know the 8 profiles and 5 frequencies that creates a personalised pathway to wealth.


Week 3 - Flow Consultant Certification In week 3 we will continue with the live Flow Consultant Certification, completing on the 8 profiles and 5 frequencies and preparing to do your first debrief with one of your clients. You will get to understand how to interpret your clients profile graphs and what questions to ask in order to get a high value return on investment hour for your client. You will also understand how each profile, communicates, leads, purchases and works best in a team.


Week 4 - Building your Promotion Plan In week 4 following the certification you will create a powerful promotion based on the examples shared and with your new clarity around your niche and customer which by now will be super compelling. The best plans will be in with a chance of winning over $20,000 of prizes, certifications and mentoring for the next 12 months. Maybe your's will even be added to our library of expert faculty to be used by future Flow Consultants!

Your Microdegree Mentor
michelle clarke
michelle clarke Mentor

You will get to be mentored live, by our key Faculty experts, who will assist you in the creation of a fully functioning sales pathway that has all the ingredients to future proof your digital business.


Each faculty member is a proven expert in their field and has hands-on experience in running multi-million dollar digital promotions in their own businesses.


Your Mentors:

Michelle Clarle

Jan Polak


Your Facilitators: 

Laura Hartley

Lisa Michaels