Welcome to the Entrepreneur Fast Track Participant Degree.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to remove bottlenecks and future or recession proof your business? This participant degree has been set up to take your through a couple of essential steps that you should take before the start of the event. Are you ready for the event that will change everything you know about being an Entrepreneur?

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Roger Hamilton
Roger Hamilton
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These steps are crucial to making sure you are getting the most out of the event as possible. Before we go any further, please do the following:

1. Please bookmark this link as this is where the event will be hosted. 


     Live Link     


​2. Join our global Entrepreneur Fast Track community and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs from all around the world here:


  Join the circle    


3. If you are physically present in one of the cities and want to upgrade your ticket from virtual to in-person ticket, please email support@geniusu.com at least 24 hours before the start of the event as in-person tickets are limited and selling fast and may no longer be available. 

  • Impact your life straight away by deciding and creating your vision for your life, career, finances, health and relationships.
  • Ignite your bigger game, no matter what stage of your business you are at. It begins with igniting the trust of more customers.
  • Immerse yourself in this once a year opportunity and work it with the mentorship and guidance of Roger J. Hamilton.
  • Impact your life straight away by deciding and creating your vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships.
Your Microdegree Mentor
Roger Hamilton
Roger Hamilton Mentor

Roger is a world renowned futurist, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, GeniusU and Genius Group; which is the largest Entrepreneur Network in the world, with over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. He is also founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs Group, which had its IPO and became a listed company in 2017. His tech company, GeniusU, connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, connections and opportunities, and is growing from a $20 million to $40 million A.I. business in the coming year.

He is the creator of Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics, used by over 700,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. All of Roger’s companies empower the Entrepreneur Movement - collectively growing our ability to create and contribute wealth.