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Mentoring Programs
Training with Impact Masterclass
Design and Structure compelling learning events for virtual delivery 6 places only available Do you want your learning events to deliver…. ...
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Cyber Security For Financial Security
Stop Being Stressed About Feeling Insecure About Cyber Security And Protect Yourself and Business From Cyber Fraud Attacks   Cyber Fraud Is C...
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Literacy Foundation Assessment
In just 30 minutes, uncover gaps in your literacy foundation and understand a hidden root cause of the following issues: messy writing poor...
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Unleash Your Talent: 2-day empowerment program for teens
A 2-day, fun-packed, self-awareness programme for teens, ages 15-17. The teenagers explore their strengths and passions, while gaining self-esteem,...
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FLO - TDYP Assessment, Debrief and Passion Project Package
Talent Dynamics for Young People (TDYP) Assessment and up to 90-minute Debrief packaged with the 10-session, Student-led, Inquiry-based, Passion Pr...
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FLO - Student-led, Inquiry-based, Passion Project
An opportunity for young people to create a vision for the future and explore a potential learning journey towards the realisation of that vision.
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Perpetuity KID: Taking the Perpetuity Path (Courage to Commitment)
Do you want to design a program that inspires every kid in your community to live their best life with a love of the land that will endure for gene...
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Perpetuity KID: Trailhead Session (Book your Curiosity & Courage Call)
You are standing at the trailhead. That is literally the first step. Not sure you want to take the path before you. You are curious. Book a free 20...