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Emotions Run Wild Card Game
Emotion Runs Wild© is an interactive EQ-Scenario-based card game where players create the most absurd stories to match emotions and situations to s...
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Wealth Dynamics Starter Kit
Combine your discovery of your own wealth profile with an indepth look into what Wealth Dynamics is, and why and how it works. Add to this the lear...
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Wealth Dynamics ePowerPack Collection (Download)
This 12month 'Home Study Kit' is a must have ...Are you chasing results or are you attracting opportunities?Why do some of us work hard getting now...
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Wealth Dynamics 2.0 - Full Test Results Pack
Get all 8 Wealth Dynamics 2.0 Profile Reports combined, in one easy-to-read eBook. Get an up-dated refresher on the entire Wealth Dynamics square a...
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Find Your Flow & Become Neutrally Buoyant
Want to be Neutrally Buoyant in Your Business?I meet many business owners who left corporate life to set up on their own because they had fantastic...
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Human Design Foundational Reading
Human Design is an incredible complement to Wealth Dynamics. Both based in the I'Ching, they give 2 different and complementary views of how we're ...
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Energy Coaching Session
Are these uncertain times taking a toll on your well-being? Are you clear on what you need to do but are too emotionally overwhelmed? Balance your ...
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Dynamic Communication 101 - using Everything DISC®
Do you sometimes feel like the person you’re talking to just doesn’t get you? You’re going blue in the face trying to explain yourself, but feel li...
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Revolutionise your leadership starting today!
Some people find leading people really challenging, while others seem to have people following them with ease!  “No one told me leading people woul...