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Influex store 1437028364 proj rc 694
Giving Impacts
Equip a Child with a Filled School Bag
Influex store 1437036433 proj rc 734
Giving Impacts
Provide Uniform to Orphaned/At-Risk Child
Influex store 1436508980 proj rc 768
Giving Impacts
Employ a Veterinary Surgeon to Treat a Dog
Influex store 1436339343 proj rc 825
Giving Impacts
Give Access to a Sanitary Latrine for a Family
Influex store 1464751168 proj rc 1034
Giving Impacts
Provide Rescued Animals Shelter from the elements
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Giving Impacts
Feed Hot, Nutritious Meals to Disadvantaged People
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Giving Impacts
Train a Farmer in Sustainable Farming
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Giving Impacts
Support a Child Saved from Sexual Abuse
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Giving Impacts
Raise an Agri-Entrepreneur in Philippines