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Influex store 1436413206 proj rc 540
Giving Impacts
Provide a Business Training Program
Influex store 1436421430 proj rc 575
Giving Impacts
Provide Solar Lamp for a Small Room
Influex store 1484726515 proj rc 1062
Giving Impacts
Light up a life with Solar
Influex store 1436339381 proj rc 826
Giving Impacts
Give Access to Solar Lighting for a Family
Influex store 1436501489 proj rc 773
Giving Impacts
Give Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education for a Child
Influex store 1437041331 proj rc 382
Giving Impacts
Provide Counselling to a Victim of Violence
Influex store 1518404182 proj rc 1107
Giving Impacts
Gift Freedom To Survivors of Sex Trafficking
Influex store 1436327077 proj rc 455
Giving Impacts
Provide a Learning Hub
Influex store 1491361213 proj rc 248
Giving Impacts
Give One Set of Stationery for a Child