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Tantric Techniques
In this advanced "Tantric Techniques" series, by Melanie McClure, you will be given the tools you need to be a sexual superstar. These advanced phy...
Taste of Tantra
This introductory program includes... Igniting Intentions Move Your Body Calming Deep Breath Arouse Sexual Energy Transmutation Wit...
Prosperity Playshop
In this fun interactive workshop, we will be sharing ancient and cutting edge prosperity principles as well as easy simple practices that will incr...
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Mentoring Programs
Training with Impact 1-1 support
Refine your learning events for virtual delivery Do you want your learning events to deliver ….. Maximum engagement + Maximum learning + Maxi...
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Mentoring Programs
Training with Impact Masterclass
Design and Structure compelling learning events for virtual delivery 6 places only available Do you want your learning events to deliver…. ...
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Cyber Security For Financial Security
Stop Being Stressed About Feeling Insecure About Cyber Security And Protect Yourself and Business From Cyber Fraud Attacks   Cyber Fraud Is C...
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Literacy Foundation Assessment
In just 30 minutes, uncover gaps in your literacy foundation and understand a hidden root cause of the following issues: messy writing poor...
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Unleash Your Talent: 2-day empowerment program for teens
A 2-day, fun-packed, self-awareness programme for teens, ages 15-17. The teenagers explore their strengths and passions, while gaining self-esteem,...
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FLO - TDYP Assessment, Debrief and Passion Project Package
Talent Dynamics for Young People (TDYP) Assessment and up to 90-minute Debrief packaged with the 10-session, Student-led, Inquiry-based, Passion Pr...