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Genius Generation Certification
The Genius Generation Certification training is for educators who are interested in learning how to facilitate and personalise learning experiences...
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Remote Sales Certification
Remote Sales 2 week Microschool followed by a 10 week Remote Sales Certification (18th July- 21st Aug 2022) A 2 week certification run live and ...
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28-Day Health Dynamics Detox Online Program
Health Dynamics is the only system in the world to provide you with your unique personal path to health. Using a combination of Wealth Dynamics, th...
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Flow Consultant + Dynamics & Transformational Coach Mastermind
Only for first 15 people Two programs + exclusive membership for the price of one Price only for today $9,310 of value for only $1500: ...
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中国 - Flow Consultant + Dynamics & Transformational Coach Mastermind (Chinese)
数字心流顾问 (Digital Flow Consultant) 认证简介 数字心流顾问通过认证,可以运用财富原动力测评进行具有高影响力、高投资回报的测评报告分析及解说。经过特别认证后,这些认证顾问能够掌握所有 8 种财富心流原动力和 5 种能量频率,这有助于人们以最快的方式进入财富心流...
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Recruitment Ninjas
Are you fed up recruiting the wrong candidates? Let me take you on a journey that will maximise your chances of recruiting the best possible candid...
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Laugh Your Blues Away (LYBA)
Do you know that "Laughter Dance" can protect you from Corona? Announcing a fresh new approach to life management invented by us at Happiness ...
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Entrepreneurs - You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers, and SPECIFIC ACTIONS! Learn From My Mistakes And Take Advantage Of My Experience. Are y...
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Luca Bernardini’s CryptoGenius Club
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of Crypto information out there? Do you want to invest in Crypto but don’t know how? Join Luca Bernardini’s Cry...