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Mentoring Programs
Business 360 Deep Dive
 Are you ready to pivot your thinking and your business and make the most of the momentum and turn the crisis around in your business?   Maybe, ...
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Mentoring Programs
Get it done Mentoring Program
You have set your promotion, are ready to go and see your momentum disappear? You find you yoyo between ideas and it seems like none of them seem t...
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Mentoring Program
Microschool Bundle
The 15k microschool challenge is on!  And what better way to provide lifetime value to your mentees by bundling your microschool with a complete...
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Unlock your Brilliance, double your income
Come with me on a 4 week journey to unlock your brilliance and double your income. What does brilliance mean to you? Sparkle, wisdom, glitter...
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Change Management
The Ultimate Mind Map for Your Development as Agile Business Leader
The Big Question Every HR Director has to answer now: How To Humanly Handle The Rapid Changes Due To The Digital Decade? While you're thi...
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Mentoring Program
Create and Realize Your Masterpiece
Calling all Changemakers, misfits, artists with wild ideas and visionaries Have you ever been rejected? If so, we need to talk.   We believe ...
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Mentoring Program
Double Your Holiday, Double Your Revenue In 90 Days Mentoring Program
This is a virtual full day event where we will focus on "you."    Define your "ultimate scenario";   How to stop tolerating;   Be...
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Mentoring Program
90 Day Next Level Mentoring Program
This is a 3 month business coaching program.    Month 1:  Tool: Scorecard to identify where they need help in their business and life  ...
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Microdegree/Microcourse Planning Session
What better way to establish yourself as an authority in any niche than turning your knowledge into an online course?  It can be daunting, thoug...