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Entrepreneur 5.0
Are you ready for 2023? Join us for this unique one day event, and get ‘2023 Ready’ with the top 12 strategies used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.
#GeniusU Community Concierge
Welcome to the GeniusU global community. Let's connect! This is the place to hang out, make connections, ask questions, give advice, find inspiration, offer support and share your thoughts. Please introduce yourself... Tell us who you are, what you do, where you're coming from...
Auckland City Circle
The official Entrepreneurs Institute (Roger Hamilton) monthly social event for entrepreneurs in Auckland. Anyone who has an interest in business, social impact and entrepreneurship is welcome.
Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
Roger Hamilton's Mastermind for Entrepreneurs; monthly interviews with change makers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Each month, Roger focuses on a different step of the Wealth Spectrum, with links to missions on GeniusU, and he answers questions from Entrepreneur...
Entrepreneur Dynamics
Entrepreneur Dynamics begins with understanding where you at today by completing a series of short assessments. Each assessment provides you with a valuable insight on yourself, your team, your cash flow and your impact. Together they provide a unique blueprint and pathway...
Roger Hamilton's Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
Join the Community Circle here - Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind is a one year long programme working with Roger James Hamilton. The Mastermind group has 1,000+ successful entrepreneurs from over 80 countries. It consists of a...
Crystal Circle Conference
Welcome to our Annual Crystal Circle Conference Circle! MEMBER GUIDELINES: This is a private group for our Crystal Circle members and attendees of the Crystal Circle Conference. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and awesome place for you to connect (and...
Good health and Well-Being
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages