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Creating a GREAT microdegree!
What better way to establish yourself as an authority in any niche than turning your knowledge into a microdegree? It can be daunting, though. How do you transform what's inside your brain into a coherent, easy-to-understand course that makes an impact and transforms your...
GeniusU Trusted Buyers Club
How do you get your products in front of your customers in the current economic climate? The coronavirus crisis has triggered a much bigger and longer-lasting economic crisis. The 1929 stock market crash triggered a ten year Great Depression, and world leaders believe the...
Future Proof Your Business
Future Proof Your Business helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to combine sustainable profits and social impact through consultancy, training, and coaching. Do also subscribe to The Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast on any podcasting platform. You can get in touch with...
Trusted Buyers Club PRIVATE Circle
This is a closed circle for active players of the COWIN Trusted buyers club. In this circle you can learn how to play the game most effectively at the same time as sharing your best strategies with others for success.
GEM Ambassadors
This circle is for members of the GEM Ambassador program. Leaders who are helping grow and serve our community of impact-driven entrepreneurs.
Mini-Mastermind for GeniusU Mentors
Weekly masterminding with Duncan Stanley, GeniusU Community Manager on how to set up and run your own Mini-Mastermind program based on your business or coaching niche. As part of your GeniusU Mentor membership you will learn how to create a highly-leveraged product that...
Entrepreneur Dynamics
Entrepreneur Dynamics begins with understanding where you at today by completing a series of short assessments. Each assessment provides you with a valuable insight on yourself, your team, your cash flow and your impact. Together they provide a unique blueprint and pathway...
Entrepreneur Dynamics Las Vegas
The #1 system for Entrepreneurs. Used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.
Entrepreneur Dynamics Seattle
The #1 system for Entrepreneurs. Used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.
Faculty Members Community
This is a closed circle for the approved members of Entrepreneurs Institute Faculty Members from around the world. A circle to connect, share and learn.