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Wealth Builders Mastermind
Get Financially Fit
Anyone can build wealth and create financial freedom allowing them to live wealthier, healthier and happier lives. They just need a solid plan and great coaches supporting them on every step of the way. Our programmes are one of the few out there that focus on outcomes and not...
New Zealand Wealth Builders
Welcome to the New Zealand Community Circle This circle was created to connect all New Zealanders pursuing a better financial future, be it through entrepreneurship, investing or career. Use this circle to connect with like minded wealth builders, find upcoming events to...
The Freedom Accelerator
The Freedom Accelerator The third step of the Wealth Ladder focuses on Wealth Mindset and teaches entrepreneurial minded investors how to turn their investing into a lifestyle business allowing them to design their money making activities around the life they want to...
The Freedom Collective
We are a tribe of social entrepreneurs, change makers and everyday heroes working to escape the daily grind and change the world for the better. The Freedom Collective is a group for those who know they were born to do something amazing and want to connect and learn from...
Mentor Acceleration Circle
For trainers, educators and mentors who would like to learn the best tips and strategies on how to get into flow and increase their turnover by using Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics tools.