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SA Business hub
VisionSA Business Hub acclaimed for its role in establishing a flourishing entrepreneurs industry with a voice to be reckoned with.PurposeEstablish an integrated and seamless network with a one-stop-service for entrepreneursFocusNurturing the roots to help entrepreneurs...
Vision          Cicama is recognized for its significant role in helping organisations achieve world-class performance.          Mission To acquire knowledge on all aspects of organisational excellence through national and international alliances, partnerships and research. To...
Mind Strategies
At Mind Strategies we help organisations to develop employees that are future ready. by using cutting edge psychometric assessments and development interventions. We focus on the top ten skills required for the future as identified by the World Economic Forum.Emotional...
The Global Movement Summit
Think of this as a Nu kinda Play School for Leaders becauseIf your Purpose doesn’t inspire you to play …and your Business doesn’t let you play ….and maybe even your team (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those) has forgotten why to play …– What are you actually doing this...
Genius 5.0 Affiliates Circle
In this circle, you will get connected with other affiliates, receive answers and stay up to date with latest updates on everything affiliate related.
GeniusPlanner is a productivity tool that aligns peoples purpose, passions values and goals. GeniusPlanner is a fun and rewarding environment that incentivizes purposeful goal achievement helping people lead meaningful lives. The ecosystem allows for challenges with...
Keenaghan Collaborative
At Keenaghan Collaborative we help people work better together through the provision of evidence-based Facilitation, Training and Guidance.We bridge the worlds of business, academia, community, policy and practice and provide authoritative and responsive support. We specialise...
PR Consulting
Sometimes you need to step back to look in. Paulina gives you the support you need to take a break from the daily hustle of working in your business, and step back to get motivated and excited again. Paulina inspires entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners to fulfill...
Mars Garage
Mars Garage was established in October 2014 and was registered as an official business in January 2015. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength through the loyal support of it customers. Mars Garage has built its name on the bases of providing customer...
Layne Change Circle
Mission: Equip and empower female entrepreneurs in self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-expression while growing a biz in what Danette calls an "unforced rhythm of grace" pace! A systems designer, small business strategist, and executive coach, Danette Layne educates...