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Live/Invest in Mauritius
With the introduction of SMART City Concept Mauritius is quickly turning into an attractive hub for entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and invest.
How to become a 'Real Estate Entrepreneur' - Property Investing 101
After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad for the first time I fell in love with real estate and even today it is the best investment strategy and forms the platform for my property investment training seminars. Come with me on a journey of using OPM (Other Peoples Money) to build...
Entrepreneur Fast Track 2022
Unlock the hidden potential in your business, for exponential growth in the next 12 months: Spend a morning with world renowned futurist and Entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton to 10X your Community, your Customers and your Growth. Visit entrepreneurfasttrack.net for more...
Think and Grow Rich
This is for all entrepreneurs who have been inspired by Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich. You are invited to attend the historical UK premiere of Think and Grow Rich; The Legacy.
Singapore City Circle
Be part of entrepreneur social event from your city . Those joined genius U from Singapore will be part of this circle.
Successful Property Investing
A circle dedicated to sharing best practise in property investing to help minimise risk and maximise returns
If Creators need to have their head in the clouds, then Mechanics need to have their finger in the pie. While Creators are great at starting things, Mechanics are great at finishing things. They are perfectionists, which is why they cannot resist finding ways to do things better....
Zero Hunger
End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture