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GeniusU Citizens
Citizens are changing the world by being the top ambassadors Entrepreneur Movement, leading purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As a Citizen, get your own Genius Card which includes entrepreneur-focused rewards including training program discounts, a Wealth Dynamics test token,...
Genius 5.0 Affiliates Circle
In this circle, you will get connected with other affiliates, receive answers and stay up to date with latest updates on everything affiliate related.
Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind USA
The community for the USA Genius Entrepreneur mastermind, that reviews Roger Hamilton's monthly mastermind for entrepreneurs, with monthly interviews with change makers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Each month, Roger focuses on a different step of the Wealth...
The purpose of this Circle is to become Self Aware in Body, Mind and Spirit so that you may live an inspired and joyful life by expressing the uniqueness of who you truly are.
Gender Equality
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls