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GeniusU Investor Campus
Congratulations and welcome to the GeniusU Investor Campus Circle.
Entrepreneur Fast Track May 2022
Unlock the hidden potential in your business, for exponential growth in the next 12 months: Spend a morning with world renowned futurist and Entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton to 10X your Community, your Customers and your Growth. Visit for more information.
Cash Flow 5.0 Microschool
Signed up for Cash Flow 5.0 Microschool - October 2021 edition? Join this circle to connected with like minded people on their journey to 10x their Cash Flow.
Cyber Secure
Cyber security is a global challenge. Being the victim of fraud is a day to day occurrence which is affecting businesses and consumers on a day to day basis. Cyber fraudsters are targeting people on an unprecedented level and scale to steal information and money
PERPETUITY KID is a start up enterprise but it is a part of the infinite game of education. Perpetuity literally means forever. We use it as an inclusive and equitable frame, and the commitment that this is forever-y child, forever-y family, forever-y community, for-ever-yone....
Life Odyssey International
We help our clients discover and maximize their full potential by taking them through the programs and systems that help them eliminate blockages and become crystal clear on their life vision and the goals needed to take them towards the life they would love to be...
Educator 5.0 Microschool (July 2021)
Join Educator 5.0 Microschool - one of the two microschools part of the 2021 Education Festival.
Community 5.0 Microschool (July 2021)
As part of our Education Festival 2021, join our participants, mentors & facilitators here in the Community 5.0 4-week Microschool. Wondering how to build a vibrant engaged community to grow your own business without creating your own products? Create, launch and grow...
Ignite Your Leadership
Education can be so different. You know this. You’ve felt it. Maybe you’ve experienced it as a young person in school, or as a teacher, or as a parent. People all over the world are waking up to their own incredible potential – and realising that what they have been taught...
Leader 5.0
Join this circle as part of the Leadership 5.0 Microschool where you can connect with like minded participants, your facilitators and mentors.