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101 - Best use of your time on GeniusU
The GeniusU COMMUNITY HUB - on how to optimize the use of GeniusU. GeniusU is a huge "tool box" filled with a lot of valuable tools - BUT that includes the risk of "Information Overflow", unless you use it right. So SAVE TIME - learn how to use the tools to suit you...
Entrepreneur Dynamics
Entrepreneur Dynamics begins with understanding where you at today by completing a series of short assessments. Each assessment provides you with a valuable insight on yourself, your team, your cash flow and your impact. Together they provide a unique blueprint and pathway...
GeniusU Citizens
Citizens are changing the world by being the top ambassadors Entrepreneur Movement, leading purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As a Citizen, get your own Genius Card which includes entrepreneur-focused rewards including training program discounts, a Wealth Dynamics test token,...