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The Green Umbrella
To form a community of like-minded people by providing a space and platform for anyone who wants to deviate from excessive consumerism and lean towards more sustainable practices. The space that is provided will be used for the purpose of Collaborative Consumption only. To...
The Courage To Shine
A space to connect with what lights you up ... where you can discover / re-discover your inner light and find the courage (and encouragement) you need to let it shine in the world. Here we explore our own personal journeys (and where we may have gone 'off track' ) and what it...
Mindset Dynamics
This work is important because EVERYTHING is predicated on Mindset. All the well-known Personal Development icons, Thought Leaders, and Spiritual Leaders have acknowledged that Everything is governed by Mindset. The Purpose of Mindset Dynamics is to do a deep dive and...
Healthpreneur - Talent Dynamics for Health Professionals
Are you into health and wellness and are looking for a way to expand your business online? Or maybe you are looking for a way to get into this profession? We are creating a knowledge based community on how to best grow your health and wellness business online for society 5.0.
New Earth Entrepreneurs
Welcome To The New Earth Entrepreneurs Circle!!! 🌱 Your Tribe For Harmonious Entrepreneurialism Benefiting The World And Self. Please Enjoy All The Value Here, Whether From Interactions With The Group Members Themselves Or The Content They Share. Go Ahead And...
International Academy of Wealth
Are you wanting to escape the 9-5 rat race? Are you feeling stuck, possibly lost and going round in circles? Do you have the desire to actively take control of their financial future and know that what worked in the past doesn’t work now? However you are not sure how to do it...
Entrepreneur Dynamics Cape Town
The #1 system for Entrepreneurs. Used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.
Genius 5.0 Affiliates Circle
In this circle, you will get connected with other affiliates, receive answers and stay up to date with latest updates on everything affiliate related.
Flow Microdegree
How can you use GeniusU to design your ideal life and business? With this microdegree you will gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you.
Steel Genius
Steel Genius are Systems Smart. They take care with detail, but are often over-cautious. Figures from Warren Buffett to Henry Ford and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg share this genius. This circle is for Steel Geniuses to connect and build.