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Grow your business with the help of over 20,000 entrepreneurs Learn how to attract new customers, maximise profits, increase impact and work from anywhere at our live virtual event by joining the world’s largest entrepreneur festival
GeniusU Investor Campus
Congratulations and welcome to the GeniusU Investor Campus Circle.
GeniusU Partner Campus
Congratulations and welcome to the GeniusU Partner Campus Circle.
Leader 5.0
Join this circle as part of the Leadership 5.0 Microschool where you can connect with like minded participants, your facilitators and mentors.
Young Entrepreneur Microcourse
A microcourse for young entrepreneurs to help you create, develop and launch your own business. This is your time to make an impact on the world and create your future.
Genius Central Singapore
Eat. Meet. Grow. Nourish your body with our food, feed your mind with our events, and grow your spirit with the giving community you will discover here at Genius Central.
Genius School Campus
Join this circle if you want to be part of the Education Movement that ignites the Genius in every child! Many willing and able adults want their child's education to transform, but don't have the tools or knowledge. We provide the tools and education for parents as well...
Roger Hamilton's Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
Join the Community Circle here - Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind is a one year long programme working with Roger James Hamilton. The Mastermind group has 1,000+ successful entrepreneurs from over 80 countries. It consists of a...
Entrepreneur Fast Track 2022
Unlock the hidden potential in your business, for exponential growth in the next 12 months: Spend a morning with world renowned futurist and Entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton to 10X your Community, your Customers and your Growth. Visit for more...
Singapore City Circle
Be part of entrepreneur social event from your city . Those joined genius U from Singapore will be part of this circle.