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Flow Consultant Circle
In today’s marketplace, it can be really challenging to build a coaching business in a scalable and sustainable way. It can be extremely difficult to find a unique point of difference that allows you to really stand out from all the coaches, consultants and trainers in the...
Entrepreneurs Institute
Entrepreneurs Institute is a leading entrepreneur education group founded by Social Entrepreneur & Futurist, Roger James Hamilton. The mission behind Entrepreneurs Institute is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs to follow their flow.
Impact Investor Circle for Genius Group
This is the Impact Investor Circle for Genius Group. Investors in this group have invested in Genius Group at the Platinum or Impact Investor Levels and use this group for social activity and announcements of the group. Please find the Social Circle on Facebook here...
Blockchain Accelerator
The Blockchain Accelerator is a three day accelerator programme managed by Entrepreneurs Institute at WeWork London. Join start-up companies developing blockchain related technology to build your plans with the support of expert mentors. You will leave with a developed...
Entrepreneur Mentor Circle
Circle for Mentors on GeniusU, where content is posted including training webinars, newsletters, and opportunities for Mentors. Previously The Founder's Circle for Entrepreneur Mentor Certification - a 12 week training program taking place from June to September 2017. All...
Health Dynamics
Discover your personal path to health by taking the Health Dynamics Profile Test! We will match your Wealth Dynamics profile to your body type and revolutionise your approach to health and wellness by empowering you to achieve new levels of well-being and success in your...
GeniusU Investor Campus
Congratulations and welcome to the GeniusU Investor Campus Circle.
GeniusU Partner Campus
Congratulations and welcome to the GeniusU Partner Campus Circle.
Master Trainer Inner Circle
This circle is for all certified Master Trainers
Crystal Circle Conference
Welcome to our Annual Crystal Circle Conference Circle! MEMBER GUIDELINES: This is a private group for our Crystal Circle members and attendees of the Crystal Circle Conference. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and awesome place for you to connect (and...