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Ignite Genius Office Hours
Instead of doing this Entrepreneur Journey as a solo venture, what would it feel like to share your new projects in a safe place with accountability built-in? Bring your questions...Bring your projects...Come share with the GEM Community. Here is the link to find out...
GeniusU Microdegree Review
Weekly Review of GeniusU Microdegrees
Office Hours with MagickalMarie
Got a Project to complete? Join the Fun  Meet the Community
The Genius of the Introvert Entrepreneur
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, JK Rowling, Warren Buffet, Susan Cain, Tim Ferris even Oprah are the Introverts of our time. If you are an Introvert Entrepreneur, that means one who finds that you are more rejuvenated and find solace when you spend solo time, this is the...
The Magick of Storytelling
Inspiring Stories that Transform the World
Lifestyle Dynamics
Are you eager to live the best life for the rest of your life? ***If you know that your thoughts words and actions create the red carpet of your life, we promise a safe place to deliberately design a life that you love every day and where you live from what lights you up....
Abraham-Hicks Circle
When I hear Roger speak, I am consistently reminded of what Abraham-Hicks shares with the world. You'll be drawn to this circle if you desire to take the discussion of Deliberately Creating a Reality that you Desire - ONLY. Contrast will be a part of this journey - make no...