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Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women
Welcome to the GIFEW Women Community! We are a global diverse sisterhood of women who nourish, empower, and play together to make a difference in our lives, our communities, and the world. 🌎. This is a safe space to grow, connect, and make impact. If you enjoy the content...
Entrepreneur Summer School Circle
The world is going through an acceleration. The Entrepreneur Movement and Education Revolution has fast forwarded 10 years. Now is our time. Congratulations on joining the Entrepreneur Summer School!! Here youo get to connect with the facilitators, mentors and others who...
Talent Dynamics
Learn which of the eight paths is your natural path to build trust and flow.
Digital Enterprise - Wealth Dynamic Masters Virtual Retreat - Europe
Prepare your business for 2021 and the start of the digital decade with a plan to at least double your growth 2020 has been a challenging year for Entrepreneurs. Most of us have had to do business radically differently and we can see that this “new” way of doing business is...
Entrepreneur Summer School Agile Leadership with Jan Polak
Welcome to the Agile Leadership module for the Entrepreneur Summer School! If Jan Polak is your facilitator for this module, then please join this circle. On here you will find all the information needed.
Prague City Circle
Jste srdečně zváni se každý měsíc účastnit setkání podnikatelů v Praze. You are welcome to be each month part of entrepreneur social event in Prague.
Be spiritually connected, awake, aware and fully present. This circle is meant for all GeniusU users who have Spirit as their passion.
UK FCPC Workshop
Here we can collaborate and join together as a community.