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Genius 5.0 Scale Up Entrepreneurs
Welcome, to the Genius Group's, private Scale Up Entrepreneur's Circle. This is an exclusive group for high level, entrepreneurs who are looking for smart scale up strategies to grow from $15k per month to $100,000 per month+. Please introduce yourself, let us know where...
The 5-Day $5K Challenge
This is the circle where participants of The 5-Day $5K Challenge microcourse connect, share their successes, and support one another through the challenges.
Young Entrepreneur Microcourse
A microcourse for young entrepreneurs to help you create, develop and launch your own business. This is your time to make an impact on the world and create your future.
Creating a GREAT microdegree!
What better way to establish yourself as an authority in any niche than turning your knowledge into a microdegree? It can be daunting, though. How do you transform what's inside your brain into a coherent, easy-to-understand course that makes an impact and transforms your...
Genius Solutions - Remote Sales
This circle is for anyone who is looking for the Genius Solutions team to run their remote sales team for them directly
Passion Test Consultant Certification Community
This is a closed circle for all Passion Test Consultants who are certified or completing the training. A place to connect, share and learn!
Passion Test Consultant Certification
This is a circle for anyone who is interested in joining the Passion Test Consultant Certification on GeniusU with Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood
Event Partners
Welcome to the Event Partners Circle! This circle is for Event Partners to learn, connect, support, and share information for making our events successful for partners and their clients.
Performance Consultant Certification
As a *Performance Consultant, you will be certified in how to run entire one and two day programs, with both corporate teams and entrepreneurial teams. You will also learn how to create and run masterminds in the same way that Roger Hamilton does, generating you at least $5k...
SDL Reading Faces & Interpreting Body Language
SDL helps clients to understand non-verbal communication and to avoid deception through online courses, training and specialist advice. SDL's Mission Statement: To be the worldwide leader in consulting and training in the area of facial expressions, non verbal behaviour and...