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Educator 5.0 (4 week Microschool)
This is a closed circle, exclusively for participants of the 4 Week Educator 5.0 Microschool. We will be sharing recordings, learnings and action steps to enhance your experience in growing your business.
Sales 5.0 Microschool
Integrate AI-driven sales pathways, tools and chatbots that will set up your business for success in the digital decade.
Petanque NXT
Knowing how to build a future proof business while running at top speed today, is what we do.  Let us show you how to plan, define, design and implement what is needed to ensure you are building your business of tomorrow, today.  We start with processes, then see how teams can...
Entrepreneur Summer School Agile Leadership with Paulina Roach
Welcome to the Agile Leadership module for the Entrepreneur Summer School! If Paulina Roach is your facilitator for this module, then please join the circle. On here you will find all the information needed.
Entrepreneur Summer School Circle
The world is going through an acceleration. The Entrepreneur Movement and Education Revolution has fast forwarded 10 years. Now is our time. Congratulations on joining the Entrepreneur Summer School!! Here youo get to connect with the facilitators, mentors and others who...
Young Entrepreneur Academy - Family (Parents Circle)
A place for all Young Entrepreneur Academy parents, mentors and facilitators to connect, view content and access resources
Young Entrepreneur Academy - Senior
A place for all Young Entrepreneur Academy Senior students, parents, facilitators and mentors to connect, view content and access resources
Educator 5.0 - Digital Educators Group for Partners
This is an exclusive group for all levels of entrepreneurs who are looking to connect and partner with us, learn, find out how to earn as a partner, act and upskill yourself as well as understanding where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. We will also give you smart...
Entrepreneur 5.0
Are you ready for 2020? Join us for this unique one day event, and get ‘2020 Ready’ with the top 12 strategies used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.
Consultant Fast Track Circle
The Consultant fast track programme is the quickest way to get into Flow for you and your clients upon joining! By completing the programme you will accelerate both your product knowledge and your business development competence. You will feel more confident, capable and...