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The purpose of this Circle is to become Self Aware in Body, Mind and Spirit so that you may live an inspired and joyful life by expressing the uniqueness of who you truly are.
Sales Success for Entrepreneurs
Every Entrepreneur no matter where you are on the Wealth Spectrum needs to know how to Sell.. For 99.9% of us we go through all our traditional schooling and not one minute is spent learning how to Sell.. In this circle I will share with you and answer questions and problems...
The Future of Investing
The Future of Investing circle has been set up to share ideas, opportunities and strategies. The way we invest has changed, yet most people have no idea how it has and if the new changes will benefit them.
Mindful Awareness for Entrepreneurs
Mindfulness taps into the beginners mind and brings a quality of calm presence, aliveness and total holistic engagement (body-mind-spirit) in everything we do while sitting, standing, walking and lying down. Entrepreneurs who like to tune into their natural rythym and flow,...
Get Up and Go
In this circle we support each other on our entrepreneurial journey using the inspiration and empowerment of the Genius Journal - a co-created journal produced in partnership between Get Up and Go Publications and Roger Hamilton/ Entrepreneurs Institute. The journal covers...
Stockholm City Circle
This City Circle is for Stockholm entrepreneurs to connect, engage and collaborate with each other. All event details for Stockholm monthly Entrepreneur Socials will be posted in this circle.
The Magick of Storytelling
Inspiring Stories that Transform the World
Lifestyle Dynamics
Are you eager to live the best life for the rest of your life? ***If you know that your thoughts words and actions create the red carpet of your life, we promise a safe place to deliberately design a life that you love every day and where you live from what lights you up....
Live/Invest in Mauritius
With the introduction of SMART City Concept Mauritius is quickly turning into an attractive hub for entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and invest.
Microdegree Builder Circle
Are you ready to share your gifts? The world needs your unique gifts and this is your opportunity to give them back to the world and create more magic on this planet. This circle is exclusively for mentors who create their own microdegrees. We will empower you to make it happen!