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Managing Partners
Welcome to the Managing Partners Circle! This circle is for Managing Partners to learn, connect, support, and share information for making our events successful for partners and their clients.
Nimble Coaching
Nimble Coaching offers unique client focused and results driven business coaching solutions and systems that focus on both your business and your life. Why? Because we believe that you can’t have a thriving business if you life is in turmoil, and of course if your business is...
The Freedompreneurs Collective
THE FREEDOMPRENEURS COLLECTIVE is made up of a collective of tribes of freedom driven entrepreneurs who are here to create impact, leave a legacy, achieve ultimate freedom and create their best life. The Freedompreneurs Collective as an entity name has the energy of Passion,...
+geniusU New Development Releases
This Circle is for updates on new development releases on GeniusU, transparency into our engineering team process and timeline, tutorials on newly released features on GeniusU and a place for user feedback, development objectives and collaborative testing!
Flow Consultant Business Development
A 12 week program for Flow Consultants to implement their learnings from the Microdegree; define, plan, understand and launch their promotional plan so that they can learn while they earn. This cost effective business development course will ensure that Flow Consultants reach...
Genius Planner Products
This is an open circle for anyone who wants to be part of The Genius Planner community and have access to any Genius Planner products.
Release, Re-Energize, Reset
The Circle is for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders who want to prepare themselves to harness the opportunities of next decade and to reap the benefits of Society 5.0 and beyond. Here we are going to be dealing with mind-set change and how to make the necessary internal...
The Speak Life Project
The Speak Life Project helps spread the word of oxygen as a natural healer and performance enhancer. It invites affiliates to join in and help reach more people. Visit our our library for stories of how Oxygen Products (PTY) Ltd changes lives.
NAS Consulting and Research Indonesia
Business is not magic! NAS Consulting and Research Indonesia will be your partner in every step of your business journey! If you are want to start your business in Indonesia or you want to do market/marketing research to see whether Indonesia is the right country to be your...
GeniusU Citizens
Citizens are changing the world by being the top ambassadors Entrepreneur Movement, leading purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As a Citizen, get your own Genius Card which includes entrepreneur-focused rewards including training program discounts, a Wealth Dynamics test token,...