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Everything DiSC for Leaders and Teams
"No one told me managing people would be so hard!" is something I hear from so many business leaders. In this circle, we showcase Everything DiSC as an incredibly powerful tool for understanding and building effective communication, teams, leadership in businesses.
Ignite Your Leadership
Education can be so different. You know this. You’ve felt it. Maybe you’ve experienced it as a young person in school, or as a teacher, or as a parent. People all over the world are waking up to their own incredible potential – and realising that what they have been taught...
Workplace Culture Excellence - BSI People Skills Ltd
Empowering people changes lives - more confident leaders, and stronger, more effective teams.  Empowered people can bring their best selves to everything they do, unleashing their strengths and energy to the power of the group. This is at the core of what BSI People Skills do...
Wellington City Circle 2020
Wellie friends, let's meet up in person and together get more out of our GeniusU experience. We plan a live social event on the second Thursday every month, especially for GeniusU members to share ideas, learn from each other and get expert advice on the GeniusU profiles...