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ABC Event Experts
ABC Event Experts is a privately owned Events and Wedding Planning company with high emphasis on skills development within and for the said industry.   We strive to be authentic in all business aspects.  We love our clients, and are passionate about what we do. We work hard...
A2o Training
Building your skills and knowledge to grow your business from Acorn to Oak
Health Dynamics Certified Consultants
This group has been formed for students of the Health Dynamics Certified Consultants course. Here we can interact with each other, ask questions and support each other through the course.
Crystal Circle Conference
Welcome to our Annual Crystal Circle Conference Circle! MEMBER GUIDELINES: This is a private group for our Crystal Circle members and attendees of the Crystal Circle Conference. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and awesome place for you to connect (and...
Get Ready Go Global Bronze Community
If you're a leader with a message that would make a difference in the world, you see yourself emerging as, or being, a messenger on the world stage, then I would like to invite you to join our circle for collaboration, networking, support, inspiration, motivation and growth...
The Magick of Storytelling
Inspiring Stories that Transform the World
Lifestyle Dynamics
Are you eager to live the best life for the rest of your life? ***If you know that your thoughts words and actions create the red carpet of your life, we promise a safe place to deliberately design a life that you love every day and where you live from what lights you up....
Entrepreneur Beach Club Community
This is our Global Community Circle for purpose-driven entrepreneurs with access to the exclusive VAULT of all the Genius Talks and Special Events - more than 50 hours of valuable content on Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Social Impact, Mindset, Work-Life Balance and...
Microdegree Builder Circle
Are you ready to share your gifts? The world needs your unique gifts and this is your opportunity to give them back to the world and create more magic on this planet. This circle is exclusively for mentors who create their own microdegrees. We will empower you to make it happen!
Energy Dynamics
The first principle of life is energy. Energy connects all living things. If the energy turns off life ends immediately. The "light" you emit, and you do, is energy. The quality and effectiveness of the light are dependent upon the type of energy flowing through your...