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How to become a 'Real Estate Entrepreneur' - Property Investing 101
After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad for the first time I fell in love with real estate and even today it is the best investment strategy and forms the platform for my property investment training seminars. Come with me on a journey of using OPM (Other Peoples Money) to build...
Entrepreneur Fast Track 2022
Unlock the hidden potential in your business, for exponential growth in the next 12 months: Spend a morning with world renowned futurist and Entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton to 10X your Community, your Customers and your Growth. Visit entrepreneurfasttrack.net for more...
Grow Your Cash Flow
Bringing together the best learning in cashflow management to enable entrepreneurs with a great big vision secure the cashflow to make that happen. Our purpose is to create greater impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals by helping others on their journey too.
Get Paying Coaching Clients Now
In this circle we shall be discussing strategies on getting paying clients for your coaching Business.
Accountants, CFO´s etc. - Closed Circle (apply for membership)
Accountants, CFO´s and others working within the financial sector come together for knowledge sharing, networking and curation of online tools, tips and tricks.
Flow Microdegree
How can you use GeniusU to design your ideal life and business? With this microdegree you will gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you.
Genius 5.0 Partnerships Group
Welcome to all partners of Roger James Hamilton's Entrepreneurs Institute. This is where we will post news and announcements; along with prizes and leaderboard results on all the promotions and competitions that we have running for you; our affiliates, resellers and...
Creators can’t resist creating. They keep creating long after they have run out of resources, money, and other people’s patience. In fact, they have their greatest creative breakthroughs after most others would have given up. This circle is for Creators to connect and innovate.
Entrepreneurs Institute Consultant Circle
The Community Circle for all licensed Flow Consultants, Performance Consultants and Global Partners. This is where you can share your inspiring success stories, ask questions, connect with other consultants and access our monthly webinars. Please do not use this group for...