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7-Day Abundance Challenge
This circle is for those who have signed up for the 7-Day Abundance Challenge
Genius School Campus
Join this circle if you want to be part of the Education Movement that ignites the Genius in every child! Many willing and able adults want their child's education to transform, but don't have the tools or knowledge. We provide the tools and education for parents as well...
SDL Reading Faces & Interpreting Body Language
SDL helps clients to understand non-verbal communication and to avoid deception through online courses, training and specialist advice. SDL's Mission Statement: To be the worldwide leader in consulting and training in the area of facial expressions, non verbal behaviour and...
Genius 5.0 Affiliates Circle
In this circle, you will get connected with other affiliates, receive answers and stay up to date with latest updates on everything affiliate related.
Arts Dynamics
Arts Dynamics is a global network and learning/artist and business development community for established arts entrepreneurs culture workers, creative change makers, leaders, companies and organisations within music, performing- and visual arts as well as the cultural and...
Flow Microdegree
How can you use GeniusU to design your ideal life and business? With this microdegree you will gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you.
Manchester Entrepreneur Circle
The Manchester Entrepreneur Circle is the place where entrepreneurs, small business owners and agile leaders can meet, network, learn, and support each other. The circle is hosted by Kathy Bradley & Howard Cain from Asana North West in partnership with the Entrepreneurs...
Genius 5.0 Partnerships Group
Welcome to all partners of Roger James Hamilton's Entrepreneurs Institute. This is where we will post news and announcements; along with prizes and leaderboard results on all the promotions and competitions that we have running for you; our affiliates, resellers and...
Genius Ninjas
This circle is for all team members of Genius Group! A place where we can all connect, share achievements, updates, customer feedback and simple appreciations of your fellow Genius Ninjas too!
Tempo Genius
Tempo Genius are Senses Smart. Grounded, but often get lost in activity. Leaders from Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa share this genius. This circle is for Tempo Geniuses to connect and organise.