Do you feel you are not yet in ‘flow’? That’s when you’re moving faster yet more effortlessly at your true potential. Did you know there’s a way for you to ‘tune in’ to your genius more easily?
Watch the video I created this week on how to tap in to your genius. I am in San Francisco this week, and I share the epic story of two fortunes lost and one made through the epic story of the Gold Rush and Silicon Valley. 

Be still like a mountain, but flow like a mighty river.

It was Buckminster Fuller who said “Controlled time is our true wealth”. How do you control time to go at just the right pace? I share in this video the two types of time, symbolised by the Greek Gods “Chronos” (mechanical time) and “Kairos” (magical time) – Take a moment to watch the video and leave a comment. What magic moments can you create this week?

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