How fast can things accelerate in your life when you connect to your Genius and find our flow? Here’s a story from my 20’s about this million dollar question which led, literally, to 3 million dollars in 3 months:

I was in my late 20s struggling with my publishing business in Singapore when my friend Patrick dropped by and casually said, “I’m going to go get a million dollars.”

Patrick was a real estate agent and had had successful businesses in the past. He said the million dollars would be for a new start-up he planned to launch. At the time, my business was scraping along making about $30,000 in sales each month. I was taking a salary that just covered our rent and basic expenses. But at least my stressed business was a real business compared with Patrick’s start-up idea. How could he possibly raise a million dollars? I simply did not believe him.

When Patrick urged me to do the same, I ignored him. I was too busy working to take him seriously. In fact, the speed at which I dismissed him was almost as blinding as the speed at which I fell off my chair less than six weeks later when he came back with that million-dollar check.

It turned out Patrick had read in the newspaper that a local angel investor was investing in promising new high-tech businesses by writing checks for a million dollars. Patrick’s plan had been to meet this investor, find out what kind of business would be his perfect business to invest in, and then put together a plan to launch his start-up as exactly that kind of business.

I remember on the day Patrick got his check, I went home and thought I had been doing it all wrong. There were trillions of dollars flowing around the world each day, like water flowing through rivers. I had been digging in a desert — how would I ever tap into flow doing that?

I would never raise the money to grow my business and pay myself by relying on my creativity alone. If I could use my natural Dynamo Genius strengths to do what my friend Patrick (who was also a Dynamo Genius) had done to secure his venture capital, surely I could tap into this flow of wealth as well?

I made a commitment to give it a go. My first challenge was my time. I had been managing my business myself because I had been using the excuse that I couldn’t afford anyone to help me. With this new commitment, I asked myself an essential question: Can I afford someone better than me by paying him later?

I looked for a publishing professional who could help me manage my business. That’s when I found Peter Watkins, a Blaze Genius and a publishing veteran ten years my senior working in a large publishing group.

I told Peter about my plan to raise capital for my business. I asked him if he would be willing to take a leap of faith and become general manager of my business at a fraction of his current pay. I used my Dynamo Genius to show him a plan where I could raise the money to take us to the next level of growth while he used his Blaze Genius to manage the business and improve what I had started.

Together, we could share in a company with more resources and better prospects than each of us had today. His Blaze energy made the most of my Dynamo energy and allowed us both to achieve more than we could on our own.

Peter joined the company and freed up my time. Within a month, with plan in hand, I was knocking on the doors of venture capital firms. Within three months, I got a $3 million commitment from the firm 3i. It was the biggest check I had ever seen. I remember photocopying it (enlarging it to as big a size as the photocopier would allow) and then pinning it on the wall.

I remember thinking how hard I had been working just three months earlier, when I had been working against my natural genius, trying to push water uphill instead of going with the flow.

It was of course not as easy as I am making it sound (That level of detail I go into in my new book, the Milloinaire Master Plan). Even so, it surprised me how quickly I went from my day-to-day activity of meeting clients and selling magazines with thousands of dollars in flow to meeting investors and selling part of my business with millions of dollars in flow. It was not how hard I was working that changed. (Geniuses work hard; it just doesn’t feel like work when they are in their flow.) It was the level of flow around me that changed.

My biggest realisation was that by increasing flow, I automatically increased clarity. Until then, I had  kept struggling to get clarity to get into flow – I had been doing the opposite. When you’re not in flow, it’s like trying to see through a muddy pond that has no flow. Trying to get the mud out to get more clarity never works. Flow new water through the pond, though, and it quickly clears.

Clarity doesn’t create flow. Flow creates clarity. Get moving first and the clarity will come.

What would things look like if you were using your Genius to reach your true potential? What would life be like if you were to make a similar step up in flow? Watch my video for the first step when you’re out of flow to get right into it.

Keep making magic,

Roger James Hamilton
Founder, Entrepreneurs Institute
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Interview with Deepak Chopra


When I was in New York on Monday, I picked up the first copy of my new book and was interviewed by Deepak Chopra for his TV show, One World with Deepak Chopra. It will be aired in August, in the launch month of my new book.

Our conversation began by talking about the book, which led to the Chinese Elements, then to Carl Jung and Nobel Prize Winning Scientist, Wolfgang Pauli. Through their relationship Carl Jung formulated his ideas behind the concept of synchronicity (a word that Jung came up with and used for the first time at the memorial service of his friend Richard Wilhelm, the first person to translate the I Ching and bring it to the West).

It was really great to learn that Deepak had been down the same lines of study that I’ve been interested around how luck happens. I’ll post the link the interview once it comes out!



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Join me in Los Angeles this August!


I’m very excited about our Millionaire Master Plan Conference taking place on 16 & 17 August in Los Angeles. Come and join us! Here’s the Top 5 things we’ll be covering:

1. Reclaim 90% of your time, and work from anywhere

If you are struggling with distractions and emails, there are smart mobile platforms to manage your team, partners and customers, cutting your time trying to manage your business by 90% – think car vs horse. I’ll be going through what these are.

2. Triple your earnings

If you are working too hard to generate more sales and profits, there are new strategies to reprice your products and transform your cost model, increasing the flow of sales and profits with far less effort. You can triple your earnings with simple tweaks to the products you offer and the way you price them. I’ll be giving case studies that you can then apply in your business.

3. Transform your team

Despite their best efforts, most entrepreneurs struggle with a team that costs too much and delivers too little. Learn the strategies and systems you can use to tap into a global talent base at a fraction of the cost, where you pay when your team delivers. This is more than simple outsourcing. It’s the new wave of entrepreneurial talent circles that works regardless of your size.

4. Think like a beginner

No matter how smart or experienced you may be, there will be people much younger – and less experienced – than you who will start businesses this year and create far more wealth and time for themselves than you will. How? By being connected to the opportunities and resources that you aren’t giving yourself the chance to see. I’ll get you to see your situation with fresh eyes.

5. Future proof your business

Most of us have a nagging doubt, wondering whether what we’re working on is the best use of our time. The truth is, most of us will be focused at something entirely different 5 years from now (as you were 5 years ago) but do not have the direction of exactly what we could or should be focused at as our No.1 Priority. This is a key outcome of the day.

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Join me in London this September!

If you can’t make it to the US in August, I’d love to see you in September in London. We have our Fast Forward Event, now extending to a two day Millionaire Master Plan Conference, and the Trust Conference, organised by Talent Dynamics.

Our Millionaire Master Plan Conference, just like the one we are running in Los Angeles, is a chance to get caught up with the Top 10 Trends to impact your business in the coming year. If you’re curious to see what level of detail I go into on these trends, here’s the slides to our Australia Tour we ran in March. The world has already moved rapidly on since then, but these slides give you a very good overview of the value you’ll be getting when you join us.

If you’re serious about growing your business, this is vital information you NEED to know!

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Join us with Bob Geldof at the Trust Conference


We have Bob Geldof as our Keynote Speaker at the Trust Conference in September. As the founder of Band Aid and Live Aid, he’s the first person to show the power of using celebrity and the media to mobilize collective action on a massive scale. If you’ve ever been curious what it takes to start a movement, come and join us in London.

Michelle Clarke, who heads Talent Dynamics, has assembled a brilliant speaker line-up including:

  •’s Hollie Delaney
  • Author of Abundance & Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler
  • Dario Nardy, Author of the Neuroscience of Personality
  • Steven Covey, Author of the Speed of Trust

You can see the full list and get your tickets here


Ways the World Cup can bring you Luck!

What can we learn from the World Cup? No matter how hard you work, luck still plays a part (sometimes a very big part). In this video blog, I explain the four factors of luck, how we can create our own luck, and how they match the four geniuses. I also give the inside story of my new book, the Millionaire Master Plan, and how the entire team supporting the launch came together by, well, luck…

Watch Video

Ilab Express – A special 2 week accelerated accelerator

This month we are running our very first 2 week accelerated program to learn how to create a global business, where you can work from anywhere and learn from everywhere.

For the very first ilab express, we ran a scholarship competition, where the winner gets the entire program including accommodation and breakfast meals. We are excited to announce the WINNER of the fully sponsored seat, Jesse Green from Canberra, Australia

iLab Express is based on the proven system used at the 30 day iLab, compressed into 2 weeks to take up less time and less of your wallet. The total cost (including our world class mentors, the full program, and all accomodation throughout your stay) is a fraction of the full rate.

It’s limited to just 15 people. Find out all about it, and watch this brilliant video on it here


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