How can you increase the luck in your life and your business?

In the recent USA, Portugal World Cup match, Portugal’s Christian Ronaldo kicked a looping pass to Varela who scored in the last minute of the match, equalizing the game at 2-2. You could say that was unlucky for the US (although they were lucky enough to still make it to the next round for the first time in history!)

No matter how hard you work, luck still plays a part (sometimes a very big part). In this video blog, I explain the four factors of luck, how we can create our own luck, and how they match the four geniuses. I also give the inside story of my new book, the Millionaire Master Plan, and how the entire team supporting the launch came together by, well, luck…

Yes, our team has worked very hard for the launch of my book. Yes, we put together a plan and processes. But luck has played a very big part in where we are today. My agent, Wendy Keller, I met by luck in a lobby at an event two years ago in Los Angeles. Janet and Chris Attwood, creators of the Passion Test, became my partners in the book launch after – by luck – I ended up sitting next to Janet on a flight from New York to San Francisco.

Gail Kingsbury, who is leading the launch of the book and our LA event in August, I met by luck at Joe Polish’s office in Arizona just four months ago. Each was a different trip I made to the US. I didn’t know what luck would take place each time, but I was certain luck would happen. How?

How to increase the four dimensions of luck

Here’s an extract from my upcoming book on creating your own ‘luck’ –

To reach the top levels of the Wealth Lighthouse takes perseverance and commitment. Yet everyone who has reached the Alchemy Prism will tell you that it wasn’t because of “me.” They will tell you they are fortunate to be there, and they will credit a large part of their success to luck, saying something like they were in the right place at the right time.

The truth of it is we create our own luck. When we set up a rhythm for our time and we open the space to get out of stress and into flow, we open up the space for magical time. When a professional athlete feels this way, we say they are “in the zone.” They are attracting the ball and scoring opportunities more often and are ready for those opportunities when they arrive.

How can we grow our own luck? A simple way to look at it is by breaking down luck into L.U.C.K.: Location, Understanding, Connections, and Knowledge.


In football, knowing that the game is only on when you’re on the field means showing up in the right place for the game. Every industry has a place where the influencers and leaders of the industry connect with each other. If you’re not in that place, you’re not in the game.


Being on the field doesn’t mean you end up scoring. Understanding you’re there to kick the ball instead of watching the game changes your focus. It means you start looking out for the opportunities coming your way. You stop chasing the ball and begin positioning yourself based on where everyone else is on the pitch, and where you can be of most value. That’s what it means to fill a “gap in the market.” Where you can be of most value to others is where the money will flow to you. This understanding changes your level of awareness of where flow is already occurring.


You can be on the field, passing and ready to kick the ball. But if there are no team players on the field with you, you will be waiting a long time for that ball to come back. Connections are about knowing that flow grows the more you are connected to others playing the same game as you the right way. The more you share opportunities and resources with others, the more they will share them back (as long as they are the players on the field and not the spectators in the stands).


Even by being at the right place, right time, with your team kicking you the ball, you still won’t score if you don’t know how to kick it. This happens through practice: to know and not to do is not yet to know. Each level of the Wealth Lighthouse leads you to a higher level of competence in kicking the ball, until scoring comes naturally.

Having a rhythm every week that builds your Location, Understanding, Connections, and Knowledge builds your luck. These four link to the four Geniuses:

Location is the “Where?” and “When?” of Tempo Genius
Understanding is the “What?” of Dynamo Genius
Connections is the “Who?” of Blaze Genius
Knowledge is the “How?” of Steel Genius

Your Luck links to your Legacy

These four connect to the fifth element: Spirit. That’s the genie in the genius. This is the question “Why”, that brings meaning and fortune to our lives. In fact, the word “fortune” comes from the Roman Goddess “Fortuna,” who is the guardian of luck. When we follow our flow, we find our fortune, which means three things:

  1. Luck: To have good fortune is to have good luck. As your luck and synchronicities grow, you know you are on the right path.
  2. Wealth: To have a fortune means to have financial wealth. If it feels like hard work, you’re doing the wrong thing. Fortune doesn’t come by holding on, but by letting go and following your flow.
  3. Legacy: To be able to tell your fortune is to be able to see your future. As you follow your flow – and live your Genius – you become clearer about your life purpose and the legacy you will leave.

To that end, your genius leads to luck, which leads to your legacy.

So go out there, today, and put yourself somewhere new – where you’re in the right place, right time. Grow those four things, and increase your luck!

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