Do we believe that self-governing communities - and there is now many of them around the world, will Reduce Inequalities in the world today? Roger Hamilton had an interesting perspective on this months Crystal Circle call as he spoke about Asguardia Space nation. Roger interesting point of view includes 'Just as past empires and monarchies fell to new forms of government when we lost all trust, it’s just a matter of time before the same happens again.'

We have some very interesting and working models in the world for example - Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu a global movement where they believe 'we are the creators of our own reality - so lets use our collective conciousness to co-create the utopian world we all want to live in". Damunhur in Italy, an open community, where trust and credito is their currency.

There are also several Indiginous communities in Australia that have declared independance ( and now operate under Tribal Law.

Why? because we live in an age where fear, dishonesty and judgement no longer serves us. Where more of us every day want to rely on Social Trust, a trust mechanism made up from Populatrity Trust (trust of the people) and Engagement Trust (your participation in the community) to trade in Social Capital, through social engagement.

So - do you really Trust yourself? Do you really trust everything is going to be ok in your world as we move forward to a new exciting tomorrow.

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