Anyone who is trying to persuade me to invest in an enterprise needs to tell me about the social impact. It’s as important to my decision as factors like the innovativeness of the idea and the financial returns. A new company must consider social impact implications throughout its entire value chain.” (Richard Branson, 2016)

Interesting Australian company whom specialised in Impact Investing.

*Consumer Choice is now driven by conscience, not only product value Social Impact Business = Highly bankable. Best of brand-equity and value proposition. Impact investment funds (IRR): 6.9% vs. 8.1% for universe of non-impact investment funds (1) 92% of under 40’s believe a business’s purpose extends beyond profit (2) 60% HNWI’s see driving social impact with their investments as extremely or very important (3) Brands that elicit an emotional response outperform all major financial indices in revenue and profit growth (4) *

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