Gosh!  I wonder what THIS form will do to my white space?

Well, here goes...

I'm working on organising my time into separate days for each of the five energies.  i have allocated specific time each week to each energy, and drawn up a colourful little chart which sits in a very prominent place on my study desk.  If I'm ever unsure about what sort of activity I'm supposed to be involved in at any particular moment, or when I can allocate time to something, a quick glance at the chart fills in the mental blanks.  

I have also put a two-column document onto my (digital) desktop for each of the five energies and adopted a colour theme for each which matches the colours of my (physical) desk chart.  Previously, I used to keep masses of paper lists on my (physical) desktop, and cross things off them as they got done.  I progressively re-allocated everything on all these lists into one of the five (digital) desktop documents, then shredded the paper lists.  That also achieved an important increment in de-cluttering.    

Now, as new jobs come along, I type them straight into the relevant energy-day document, more-or-less in order of priority.  The really important jobs go to the top of the list, in a separate bolded section, in a brighter colour.  Every time I complete a job I mini-reward myself by highlighting it and putting the date beside it.  I DON'T delete it (the digital equivalent of crossing it off the list).  Over a period of time this builds an ever more convincing record of evidence that I CAN get things done, that I AM GETTING things done.  It also ensures that I get things done in balance across the five energies, not neglecting large areas that I don't like, or don't recognise the importance of.

I'm still tweaking the system but so far it seems to be working well while simultaneously improving my productivity and decreasing my stress.  HOWEVER, I'm still stuck on a few things, and I would appreciate suggestions and comments from anyone reading this who thinks they have some answers.  What sort of activities do I allocate to my METAL / KNOW / HOW day?  Almost every idea I come up with (like checking my superannuation balance, or paying a bill, or anything else to do with crunching numbers) ends up being a routine job for my EARTH / FLOW / WHEN (Administration, maintenance, timing) day.      For the moment, I'm just leaving it to this day to find out about anything I want to know.  Sometimes this necessitates making phone calls, or talking to people       - which seems to be a contradiction.

Second question:  Into which day would I put my review of the week just past and assessment of the resource needs of the following week?  Again, I thought at first that these would be "know" activities, but once again they really boil down to "maintaining the flow" activities.      

Final question:  what sort of activities should fill my WATER / SPIRIT / WHY / PURPOSE day?  Is this also a day for reviewing, but from a different perspective?  I don't see it as a day for prayer because the Bible exhorts us to "pray without ceasing" so that is an every-day activity.  Other thought leaders express this in terms of keeping our minds ON what we want and OFF what we do not want, or keeping our goals constantly in our conscious thoughts, etc.  Is it a day for spending with family members, or for visiting friends who are battling with cancer, or...  or...  WHAT?

Any suggestions? 

I'm typing this on my (red) FIRE / GLOW / WHO / IMPLEMENTATION day (the day I open the locked door of my mechanic workshop and reach out to other people!)      


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