On the 16th of July I was preparing a 3 minute talk on 'My Ikigai' for a course I was attending.

Being a passionate health professional I had always said it was to inspire others to look after the health of their most valuable asset - their mind.

While preparing though, something made me remember three 'Big Dreams' or perhaps more accurately, 'Impossible Goals' I'd had when growing up.

The first I'll share is the one that seemed most attainable, namely to become a comedian, inspired by the likes of John Cleese, Rowen Atkinson, and Michael Palin.

The second was to become hugely rich.

The third was the one I'd had first, and the most ludicrous - to heal the world and achieve world peace.  I always assumed I'd have to be rich and powerful to make a difference there.

I'm now 45 and have yet to achieve any of these, but am still very happy and fulfilled in what I do.  I realised that I make people laugh pretty much every day, and that by improving peoples health, then I can increase their chances of self peace.  And maybe, just maybe, the more people that come to self peace, then the greater the chances we'll have world peace.

I thought that I should start expressing this, but didn't really know how.  Then at FFYB London, I had the good fortune to bump into Paul Dunn. And in 5 minutes he taught me how to do it.

I feel rich, I feel powerful.

Which brings me to the title - it's World Peace Day very soon, and I'd like to know if anyone else is going to join me in promoting it?


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