My interest in Steiner comes from the search for alternatives to equip people with the skills and the mindset that will make it possible for them to take part in the creation of the better world.

My mission is adult education, starting off where the schools end. Classical schooling produces drones and status quo “maintainers” Many of them are “diseducated” with a lot of non-skills and in many cases, no skills to create a productive life. Schooling is producing blacksmiths in a world where no one is riding horses anymore.

The challenges and opportunities today requires a different kind of person. Individuals who will be able to work together and meet the challenges head on to solve them and move forward in the process of creating new realities.  They do not have the skills, and cannot discern options in the state of information oversupply; they don’t know what to choose or how to make it work.

They end up wandering around dazed, confused and comfortably numb until a crisis hits. then they go to pieces. 

We need to “administer” transformative adult education initiatives enabling people to set up their own initiatives and collaborate in crafting a life worth living.

Samsung wants one to unbox your phone; I want people to unbox their lives.

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