In today’s time, if we need answers, we only think of one name and that is ‘Google’. Entering our life just as a search engine to influencing and transforming us to be a part of Artificial Intelligence, Google has done it all. With diverse range of products and services that Google has to offer, our lives have changed drastically. Some people also call a phenomenon named ’The Google Effect’ – a digital amnesia, , which is the tendency to forget information that can be found readily online by using Internet search engines such as Google.

There are positives as well as negatives to Google’s role in our life, but we all depend on it in many ways.  From using calendars, to finding locations, to chats and how can we miss out android? Google is with us all the way.

But never forget when it all started. Today, #OnThisDay was registered as a domain name 19 years back.

Let’s thank Google for all its contribution and all the very best for its future endeavours. Google, you are the best.

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