For the last two days I have been staring at a blank sheet up paper. 

Trying to come up with something to post.

I thought about writing about the election here in Denmark. 

For hours. 

But I deleted it because I was afraid it would upset my political friends when I stated that my belief is in the entrepreneurs. 

Then right now it hit me. 

I just need to tell a story. 

Any story. 

Any real story that is. 

And what’s real right now is that I’m stuck with a mini writer's block. 

I was, I guess. 

You see when you’re telling a story that is true, real and authentic....

It captivates. 

Because it’s non bull shitable.

Because your reader can tell a real story. 

There is just something about the truth truth that we love. 

There is just something that is conveyed when you’re telling a true story authentically. 

And that’s kinda good isn’t it?

So just tell your story. 

Any story. 

We can relate. 

Those of us that matter to you. 

Take care,


P.S.: Danish is my mother tongue - that is why I spell and do grammar like a 5 year old

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