Your weekly business focus.

18th - 24th December 2017

The question this week:

"Where can we focus our energy this week to be in alignment with our offerings to meet the market demand ?."

Vector Card: 8.5 EROSION

“Exercise extreme caution & protect all that is precious”

ACTION: Do not exert yourself but defer to the actions of the team.

AVOID: Risking anything. Using apparent judgement to act upon.

IMAGE: " A mountain eroding, illustrating how even the strongest structures can fall apart”


The influence in these cards is 8: Mechanic (Mountain) and 5: Trader (Earth) - Erosion highlights the qualities of division & splits.

The qualities of stillness, stability & devotion of being the mountain during this week are important.  

Wisdom in your stillness.

The mountain rests on the Earth.

For greater strength (alignment) in your business, ensure your foundation is solid & “broad” in the sense that you are generous & benevolent with those lower or of a lesser position than yourself.

As the Earth can spilt the Mountain, the energy of the Trader calls us to take TIME.

EG. in particular with our question this week,

to be generous with your client/customer base and community ensuring customer service issues are addressed and no divisions or volatile situations are under the earth.

This will ensure tranquility & longevity in your business.

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