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This question was asked in a comment from Amy and I feel it could assist others of you who want to know more.

"I'm assuming you went through one of his programs and got certified to coach/teach his system? I took the profile test a year or so ago and I'm a creator. Would that affect how I would work with this content?"

Yes, I am qualified in both the flow & performance consulting with Roger & currently under his guidance this year with his mentoring. I have found his work ties really nicely with Mary's training as well. (Mary Morrissey's Life Mastery Institute)

The card processes & different ways to interpret the cards are what I have developed over the last couple of years focusing on supporting entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches & consultants. They are a valuable tool to assist getting into Flow for yourself, your business, your team, your clients & even with family.

These weekly posts are to give us ALL a business focus as "conscious entrepreneurs" - a deeper insight of how to get into 'Flow' based on the question asked. 

They point to a way of Being that can trigger & allow the natural effortless way.

The cards are inspired by the I-Ching so there is an ancient proven wisdom that is present in the results. 

The weekly card is not specific to a single profile rather encompassing of all of them.  
(There are 4 Genius energies which lead to 8 "entrepreneurial" profiles) 

For you to work with the content each week ask yourself the questions in the post and reflect on the notes & what comes to mind as you consider yourself as an entrepreneur & what your business requires.

In this specific post: 2.5 Preparation  
Take the instruction of
“Plan for the future and collect resources in preparation”
ACTION: Tread lightly & lay your plans with consideration. 

Consider what needs to be done / prepared / gathered/collected in your business advance x10 the business results in 2018 achieve your desired results align with your Mission/Purpose

Are you completely aware of everything in your business or is there a "comfortable distance" showing up where you are not willing to do "something"/put something in order/to see something/to make a change. 

Consider the 4 energies that link to aspects of production - Ask the questions of your business regarding the
Why > What > Who > When > How 

If you feel stuck in this "Preparation" - Play in the idea & Ask yourself if your business Mentor/Role model was to knock on your door now to "audit", where does your focus go first to prepare/cleanup & start there.

Go over the Notes section of the post and see what else you might need to address
- your marketing messaging comes up in this specific card, are you speaking clearly to your audience

The DELETE at the top of this week's post was to clear the slate for a New Energy, a New Year.

Clear off the old/fixed judgements, lies, agendas, inventions that no longer serve you & are held in mind...DELETE. 

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