The first principle: Values

No matter where you are in business...

What are the top 26 steps that allow you to 10x from where you are to where you want to go. 

Step 1 of 26 on how to 10x your Impact (Episode 1) from Hamilton, Crossbasket Castle & Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

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Roger shares 3 reasons why when you focus on getting your values right before you go into trying to grow your business it then allows everything to get aligned.

He says: "The biggest challenge in scaling a business is in scaling the team. Values are like the DNA of the company. When cells share the same DNA, they can grow rapidly until a trillion can co-exist as one body. When they don't share the same DNA, they can't grow together at all, and they end up in conflict with each other. This is the biggest reason most small businesses never scale. Not because the product or strategy isn't defined, but because the values aren't defined."

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